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Our Working Partnerships

We Work With A Range Of Local Authorities, Housing Associations & Health Boards

RPW Radon Wales Ltd currently work with numerous Housing Associations, Councils and Health Boards.

We can provide advice and services tailored to your specific needs for testing and mitigation. We are the only company in Wales who provide the Radon extraction systems which are 100% effective in reducing high levels of Radon gas.

We provide different programmes suited to the needs of the customer. We manage the programme efficiently in the phases provided by the customer and test in the best, and most cost effective, way possible. Our experienced staff document all monitor placement locations and secure them to reduce loss. All stages are communicated with the customer and authorised before commencement. Reports and recommendations are provided electronically via email or internal portals and in accordance with GDPR.

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Our Fight Against Cancer

Working to make sure people across the UK are safe from Radon Gas.

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