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Ensuring Safe Working Environments

Radon In Commercial Properties

We're working hard to ensure businesses across Wales and the UK have safe, radiation free working properties and facilities.

We've been fortunate to be able to help numerous councils and housing associations across the UK to be able to keep their employees and tenants as safe as possible.

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Employee Training For Organisations

Training days are conducted by RPW Radon Wales Ltd to organisations with large housing stock that require Radon testing.

The basis of the training day is to educate the organisations employee’s on how to place Radon detection monitors in their buildings, document correctly and return to RPW Radon Wales for analysis.


Objectives covered are:

  • Installation of monitors – How to install correctly
  • Carriage – How to order monitors from RPW
  • Storage – How to correctly store monitors in house before placement
  • Contamination – How monitors can be contaminated, effecting results
  • Location Sheets – How to complete location sheets and what information is needed
  • Security – How to correctly install monitors securely and the importance of this.


Documents are provided to assist the organisation on completing their testing – Radon installation guides and documentation sheets for installation.

Training in house staff to place monitors can save the organisation money on their Radon programme and has been proven to be effective. RPW remain a point of contact for any queries during the first testing phase. Once results have come back high, RPW Radon Wales take over further testing and remedial action required. We have 100% success rate in the reduction of Radon gas and we maintain our systems through regular maintenance programmes.


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Working to make sure people across the UK are safe from Radon Gas.

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